Our Services

• Design and Fabrication of:
• Low Volume production (prototype) and high volume dies
• Tooling details and ability to reverse engineer details.
• Design, Fabricate, and Tryout of Tooling and Special Machines:
• Fully detailed designs – All components detailed 100% for interchangeability
• Manual and semi-automatic.
• Innovative automated stamping dies
• Design to company/plants electrical and safety standards.
• Design with flexibility and change over in mind.
• Gauges/Fixtures:
• Small simple plug gauges, to multi-stage part fixturing and gauging with indicator data capture.
• Machining – Design & Fabricate parts
• Use our 3-D machining center to support prototype and production builds
• Stamping of Components:
• Prototype, low volume production, and validation trials
• Fully equipped to perform layout and inspection for PPAP of production parts per APQP manual 
• Product Development
• Assist our customer by understanding the application to come up with a robust design.
• Design for our customer manufacturing process.
• Assist in cost reduction efforts by participating in VA/VE
• Utilize our diverse manufacturing experience to assist customers with lessons learned from other industries
• Design Development
• Utilize our in-house SolidWorks design expertise to fully develop customer concepts.
• Perform design work and generate detailed drawings with customer title block.
• Take the initial design concept to fully detailed prints to minimize customer workload
• Contract design services.

       SolidWorks Software

AutoCAD Software

SurfCam Software

Microsoft Office

PC-DMIS Inspection Software